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Stressful Thinking #01

Stressful thoughts (such as "It's my fault") and stressful ways of thinking (such as catastrophising or black and white thinking) may form part of your depression, anxiety, problems with anger or addiction. I am able to work with cognitions in a number of different ways:

  • using The Work of Byron Katie, I can help you relate to your thoughts in a new and less stressful way, click here for more information
  • using CBT-style methods, I can work with you to make changes where appropriate in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • using EMDR we can work together to desensitise painful self beliefs and replace them with preferred self beliefs of your choice
  • using EFT I can help you work through stressful thoughts and remove blocking beliefs
  • using IFS I can help you get to know the parts of yourself that believe stressful thoughts and help those parts to release them.

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