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Counselling Supervision and IFS Supervision

Supervision is currently only available online via Skype, Zoom and telephone. I enjoy working with qualified and trainee counsellors.

If you require IFS (Internal Family Systems) supervision or integrate IFS into your practice, I expect you to have completed (or be in the process of completing) at least a Level 1 IFS training. As a Certified IFS Therapist, and Approved IFS Clinical Consultant, supervision/consultation hours with me may be counted as part of an application for IFS certification.

I have a particular interest in the quality of the supervisory relationship and how two-way feedback can facilitate a sound working alliance. Please see an article I have written, Feedback in Supervision. This article first appeared in Therapy Today, the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Supervision - what is it for?

  • for the supervisor and supervisee to work together regularly to ensure and develop the efficacy of the counsellor-client relationship
  • to enhance the supervisee's confidence, competence and creativity as counsellor in relationship to self and client
  • to help the supervisee to evolve their practice in terms of ongoing self-development, continued learning and self-monitoring
  • to assist the supervisee in maintaining ethical practice
  • to assist the supervisee's application of theory to practice

  • What I bring to the supervisory relationship

  • many years of experience as a BACP Senior-Accredited Supervisor of Individuals
  • having become a Certified IFS Therapist, and an Approved IFS Clinical Consultant, supervision/consultation hours with me may be counted towards IFS certification
  • I have completed supervision training with the Centre for Supervision and Team Development (Supervision in the Helping Professions by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet with contributions from Judy Ryde and Joan Wilmot)
  • active and ongoing learning about being a supervisor/offering supervision
  • 20+ years of learning and experience in the counselling field (as client, trainee, counsellor, tutor and supervisor)
  • experience of being a supervisee in a one-to-one relationship, in peer supervision and group supervision
  • a great appreciation for the therapeutic potential in the client-counsellor relationship
  • a desire to enjoy our relationship (and to help you do the same) as we work together co-creatively in service of the client and in tending to your personal and professional development
  • the intention to facilitate the growth of your own self-monitoring
  • support for you as a person and as a professional
  • the ability to provide a safe enough space for you to reflect upon the content and process of your work
  • the desire to provide a safe enough space for each of us to offer the other constructive and creative feedback

  • What you might bring to the supervisory relationship

  • yourself in all your vulnerability and potency
  • your experiences working with clients
  • your experiences learning to work with clients (perhaps you are training to be a counsellor)
  • your concerns
  • your hopes and fears
  • your questions and reflections
  • your enjoyment and your passions
  • your desire to learn and grow
  • your impasses and struggles

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