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Counselling ... as BEING together

The counselling relationship is possibly unlike any other adult relationship you will have. Here, one person, the counsellor, agrees to be with you, the client, in a certain way, without expecting the same things back from you. As your counsellor, I offer a particular way of being:

  • deeply attentive, reflecting and valuing
  • open and receptive
  • permission-giving
  • reliably supportive and focusing on you and your needs
  • challenging yet maintaining safety in the relationship
  • following your lead when appropriate and not exclusively
  • seeking your self-definition and self-expression

    As your counsellor, I attempt not to:
  • be judgmental
  • be presumptive
  • be rigid
  • take you at face value only
  • fulfil my own needs at your expense
  • show off to impress you
  • 'fix' you
  • play the expert

    An appropriate, professional-yet-personal counselling relationship is usually therapeutic and strangely enjoyable even when difficult emotions and subjects are part of the work.

  • Counselling ... as DOING Together

    The way we work together will include an initial period of assessment in which together we:

  • dialogue about what you want to get from therapy
  • briefly note any past therapy relationships you may have experienced
  • discuss ways in which we might work together (depending on your goal(s), symptoms, problems and resources)

    The way we work together may include you:
  • talking about the past, the present and the future
  • feeling emotions (comfortable and uncomfortable ones)
  • making connections and gaining insight into how you are as you are
  • exploring and experimenting with new thoughts and behaviours

    The way we work together includes me:
  • helping you make sense of things and find meaning as you tell your story
  • facilitating your feeling and expression of emotions and moving through them
  • offering you some psychological or psychotherapeutic theory that may illuminate your work
  • possibly suggesting other ways of working such as EFT, EMDR, or The Work

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